Thank you for your wonderful support and contributions to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Collection.  The Ridgedale Family really came through with this outreach!  Thank you again.

What's Happening

A Message from Mrs. Petitte


Welcome back Chargers! We are so excited to be together again for the 2017-2018 school year. There are many new things for all of us to learn and many opportunities for everyone to be a leader so let’s get busy!

This year we have several new students and a 3rd PreK classroom was added. Our enrollment is now almost 440 students! We are excited to have so many new faces and can’t wait to show all of our new friends what it means to be a Charger! Being a Charger comes with a lot of responsibility. All of us are “in charge” of our learning, our health, and our socialization. We take pride in our school and our community and reach out to help those in need through service-oriented projects. We also like to spend time as a school community and have many events on our calendar throughout the year: Grandparent Breakfast, Mother-Son Sports Night, Veteran’s Day Celebration, and i-Father Evening are just a few of the school-family are just a few of the things we have on the schedule.

Remember, attendance is important to success, so keep coming back. We love having you here!

Check our page often for news and information.  If you have news that you would like to add, please email Ms. Tennant at wendy.tennant@k12.wv.us